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Mabuhay Monthly Club

Do You Want to Keep Fresh Trendy Bracelets Coming Each Month? Join the Mabuhay Monthly Club Today.

Mabuhay charm bracelets can be delivered to your door each month. If bringing awareness to new causes and supporting them while looking great is your goal then join the monthly club that will provide stylish bracelets right to your door each month for one low price. The bracelets can bring awareness in yourself and your friends to various causes, they will come in a variety of colors and styles and each shipment will uphold the high standards of all Mabuhay Charm bracelets.


Mabuhay bracelets have been described as sturdy, wearable, cute, and trendy. The many charms come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles so nearly anyone can find the one that fits their fashion taste. The materials used to make each bracelet are carefully chosen and make the end product great looking, and long-lasting. Mabuhay Charm bracelets make the perfect gift, they are a great addition to your online or brick and mortar gift shop with your personal brand colors, and ideal for summer wear on the beach. Browse the selection for ideas about the many ways you can add a charm bracelet to your life.


Customers have stated that they were surprised at the level of quality they received for the low price of the bracelets. You can choose hand-woven, non-woven, you can add charms, or order already made sets. Your imagination is your limit. Contact the company for a special order, bulk order, or for other needs. Otherwise, you can put your order in right on-site and your bracelet will arrive soon!