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Awareness Bracelets

Spread a Strong Message with Awareness Bracelets

Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting which means life. The phrase carries various meanings including "long live", "may you live", "cheers", and “welcome”. Mabuhay Bracelets was created to help people who are in need, together with the charity institutions all over the world. With their awareness bracelets, they just don’t bring something that is unique and stylish, but they also bring something that has a significant role to everyone’s life. Each awareness bracelet is beautifully handmade and helps to create opportunities and sustains livelihoods for the people around the world who make it possible. 

Mabuhay Bracelets Awareness

At Mabuhay Bracelets, we have awareness bracelets for prostate

cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness, colon cancer awareness,

HIV/Aids awareness, leukemia awareness and much more. 


Spread a strong message with our awareness bracelets. Check out our collection and shop today at

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