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Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting. Mabuhay, in the imperative form means life or live,from the root word buhay (Life).

The phrase carries various meanings including "long live", "may you live", "cheers", "welcome", and ``hurrah".

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Mabuhaybracelets was founded in 2017 by Anthony Goyala Turzar, he wanted to combine his love,

fashion, and to help the People who are in need together with the charity institutions all over the

world .



At Mabuhaybracelets each bracelet has a significant role to everyone's life. We create a unique and passionate

style, not only to sell but to help others. We aim to enrich the lives of our customers through beautiful handmade

collections and an exceptional shopping experience. Like any dynamic enterprise, mabuhaybracelets creates opportunities and sustains livelihoods and strives to share our success with the people around the world who make it possible.

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